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Face Planters

Perfect for all gardens, terraces, balconies and decks
Durable fiberstone: planters can be left outdoors year-round
Not too heavy to site but very sturdy once located
With a pre-drilled drainage hole for optimum aeration
Great protective packaging

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If you love creative plant pots, check out our catalog of gorgeous face pots. These are exclusive models from the IDEALIST manufacturer to make your home more original and stylish. You can choose from different head types, from a beautiful female face to a cute monk. Such a unique plant pot is suitable for any interior, making the atmosphere more warm and cozy. A planter with face can be a great gift to express your admiration and respect. These flower planters are made from quality materials so you can use this for outdoor plants. Just imagine how cool it will look in your garden, on a veranda or terrace. You can put a small face pot on the outdoor table to drink tea in a relaxing atmosphere. Choose any material for indoor or outdoor growing: it can be stone or concrete with a high index of stability, strength and resistance to temperature changes. All plant pots are exclusive models so you will not find a similar planter.

Head shaped flower pot looks very unusual and interesting. You can choose the face of a lady or a large Buddha to create a peaceful atmosphere. The color is not important; a white or black pot will complement the brightness of the plant and create a unique composition. You can connect several models and put them together, for example, on a window sell. With this head plant pot you can bust your home or yard because it will be the perfect confirmation of your perfect taste. Even if you dreamed of an antique atmosphere, now you can decorate your home and garden in this style. In order to get a quality head shape planter, it is important to purchase it from a reliable company such as UK IDEALIST. This is a guarantee that your plant pot will last for many years delighting you with its perfect condition without cracks and chips. Make a gift for plants to keep them healthy and beautiful in an exclusive modern planter from IDEALIST brand.