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Window boxes

Perfect for all gardens, terraces, balconies and decks
Durable fiberstone: planters can be left outdoors year-round
Not too heavy to site but very sturdy once located
With a pre-drilled drainage hole for optimum aeration
Great protective packaging

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If you want to grow flowers on your window then we offer wonderful boxes of various sizes and materials. Make your window bright and beautiful with a unique window box. All products from the UK manufacturer IDEALIST are of perfect quality, strength and durability. You can use these flower boxes not only for ornamental plants but also for growing greens. Large or small long models of our planters have fasteners so you don't have to worry about attaching it to your window cornice. Our plant pots are resistant to temperature changes, so you don't have to worry about the box bursting or cracking. Such boxes are the perfect solution if you have a small room and do not have your own garden. There is no limit or stop to enjoy the flowers in your home it will uplift your mood and make your home more comfortable and warm.

Every window sill seems grey and dull if there are no plants. But this is easy to fix inside the house by placing a beautiful exclusive trough flower planter. Now you have a unique solution for the outdoor part of the window ledge – an elongated window box with an authentic design. Even if you choose black or white classic color it will look great. Add some plants or flowers and your window sill will look incredible. This popular London company offers modern flower pots for a variety of uses. The narrow oblong models are made for the window but you can also install them on the veranda or steps. You can buy such boxes at a very favorable price because the online store regularly offers favorable discounts. Choose the perfect box for plants that matches your exterior. If you have a warm climate all year round, then you are in luck, there are many perennial plants that will delight you with their flowers for a long time. Many people grow multi-colored species to make the window look positive and bright.