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Why work with IDEALIST planters?

No minimum purchase

We provide you with the option to purchase single set codes and do not push you to buy entire sets. Purchase what sells well in your outlet, this will ensure you have no deadwood stock on clearance.

High Margins

We offer the highest margin on our product line compared to all wholesalers in the UK. Earn a clean high margin on each order placed.

Competitive RRP

We have worked in this market long enough to understand price point for your customers. We offer you real RRP rates which we know your customer will not baulk at.

Stocked in the UK

All the IDEALIST planters are stocked in the UK for a fast turnaround time, we constantly have our stocks replenished over the months so we are never left short.

Price competition

This range is not available in your high street outlet, we vet businesses to make sure they are capable in representing the brand and the product.

Area competition

We want the businesses we choose to be able to perform well and sell to their client base limiting competition in the area.


Trade Account

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our best trade prices

1 000 000

More than 1 000 000 times people search for flower pots in the Internet each month in the UK. And how many people will upgrade their old pots when they see new stylish pots?

We offer you the opportunity to earn more with IDEALIST!