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Rectangular planter pots

Perfect for all gardens, terraces, balconies and decks
Durable fiberstone: planters can be left outdoors year-round
Not too heavy to site but very sturdy once located
With a pre-drilled drainage hole for optimum aeration
Great protective packaging

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Perhaps you are looking for rectangular flower planters to grow plants on the window or to position trailing plants on the veranda or terrace. We have what you are looking for, check out our catalogue. Our rectangular pots are made from a variety of materials to be roomy without being heavy. This is the perfect solution for home and garden to save space and look luxurious. You can grow seedlings or combine different types of flowering plants. All of our plant pots are made in different sizes and styles so you can find something suitable for your landscape. If you prefer white extra long pots to make the area light and more positive, then check out our catalogue. Create the effect of a Garden of Eden with simple white plant pots containing lush multi-coloured floral displays.

One of our preferred suppliers, IDEALIST, recognises the needs of each customer, even those who are looking for long rectangular plant pots to put on the windowsill or in the porch. If you have a small garden or a balcony in your flat, then long thin rectangular plant pots are ideal.

You can enjoy your plants year after year by taking them indoors for the winter. Each model has fasteners so you can securely fix it on a windowsill or balcony rail. If you prefer a large box planter made of stone, then it is better to put it on the ground or on an outside stand.

Bring your flower ideas to life with our authentic rectangular flowerpots. Our trough planters are perfect for outdoors because they are durable, stable, and weather resistant. Choose a suitable place and install our boxes. You can choose a suitable material for your garden, the most popular are concrete and stone. But if you are looking for rectangular models for a window, then it is better to take wood or plastic. These UK planters have a classical style to be suitable to any preferences.