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Outdoor Planters

Perfect for all gardens, terraces, balconies and decks
Durable fiberstone: planters can be left outdoors year-round
Not too heavy to site but very sturdy once located
With a pre-drilled drainage hole for optimum aeration
Great protective packaging

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If you like to spend time in your garden or yard then you may want to create a cosy and beautiful space to sit in, and this is a great place to put beautiful potted plants which can be swapped in and out as the seasons turn. Our catalogue contains many different flowerpot options – from tall and large planters for big eye-catching plants, to small round and cube shaped pots that could decorate the table of your outdoor seating area. We offer a variety of colours and finishes, from traditional wood and stone to plastic in white, black, green, beige and other colours. Take a look at your patio – do you feel that something is missing? Maybe you want to add some pots to make the atmosphere more comfortable and inviting? Or perhaps you want to install some larger plants or trees in pots for shade or to act as a screen? Whatever your vision is, our catalogue has a selection of planters that will delight you. We update our selection every season to keep up with changing trends and fashions.

Neutral grey planters are very popular right now, and we stock a complete range with various lines and décor, with a selection of materials (stone, concrete, plastic, clay, etc.), that are durable and weather resistant. If you prefer pots with a rustic feel, we can offer you the perfect products.

Spend the time outside with pleasure enjoying how our beautiful plant pots showcase your blooms perfectly. Mix sizes and forms to create incredible flower compositions, and move things around each season to create variety and interest in your outdoor space.

Put some small pots on your outdoor table and you will see the difference. Even a small yard can be decorated with our tiny trough pots to create a certain authentic style.

You won’t have to wait a long time for delivery because our company works very quickly. We ship from the UK, and always take care of every shipment, so each pot is carefully and securely packaged. IDEALIST is one of our preferred manufacturers, known in the UK for high quality. We recommend IDEALIST pots and planters for a stunning modern garden.