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Can I use these planters indoors and outdoors?

These planters are designed for outdoor use but can be lined using a waterproof liner if they are required indoors.

What are the planters made from?

The ingredients to the planters include: Composite stone powder, chopped Fibreglass and a fibreglass netting used from recycled materials.

Can the planters shatter or break?

The nature of the product as it is made from a stone powder composite, will naturally break if heavy impact is taken. Please be careful when transplanting or moving the planters from the existing location to another.

What will I expect from weathering on this planter?

These planters will weather naturally over time and depending on the colour of the surface the darkest and lightest planters will show mineral deposits from rainfall and dirt deposit from the ground dirt. This can be cleaned away using a soapy solution.

Do the planters have inserts?

These planters do not have inserts or a floating shelf. You are able to plant into these directly, please use some drainage material in the base of each unit to allow for flow of water to exit.

Can I raise the planters off the ground?

There is a raised lip already built into the base of the units, but in effect they can be raised further using levelled stone feet.

Can I repaint the planter?

Yes, with touch-up sprays available at DIY stores.

Do the planters have drainage holes?

Yes, the planters have drainage holes which are pre-drilled into the base of the unit.

Are the planters UV and frost resistant?

The use of high-quality materials and fibreglass makes the planters UV and Frost resistant, providing durability. Please be aware the units will weather over time naturally.

What is the best way to clean the planters?

Use a soapy solution with a clean microfibre cloth, using a gentle sweeping motion will clean the surface for any mineral or dirt deposit. Any abrasive pads/cloths used will scratch the surface of the planter.

Surface imperfections on the planter

The planters are handmade and thus each planter will have its own unique surface marks and pits. This is the nature of handmade products and each planter is 1 of 1.

The surface will show small production marks or hand finished corners. They are not machine produced and will not look equal to the same specification.

What will happen if I block the drainage hole when the planter is outside?

The planter will swell from inside as there is no natural path for excess water to run off from. This in effect will cause damage to the planter causing buckling and swelling.

Please keep the drainage channel clear or use a honey comb structure in the base to prolong the life of your planters when using your planters outdoors.

Is the packaging recyclable?

All of the packaging provided to you is recyclable and will be easily disposed of in your recycling bin. Please separate all materials when recycling.

Can the plant roots destroy the planter?

There can be a situation with the plants which tend to have roots growing aggressively.